Teonna Thompson is an exceptionally gifted Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author.  Her current book “From CO To CEO”, details how she moved from being employed as a correctional officer (CO) , to becoming Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of her own Global Enterprise, effectively titled "Teonna Thompson, The Transformational Teacher, LLC".  For the past 10 years Teonna has been the wife to Collesta Thompson and has been the proud mother of three amazing children Jalisa, King, and Malik.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida......Teonna is no stranger to adversity.  She and her siblings were four of the 23 family members that were resided in a four bedroom, one bathroom, home in the Miami Gardens area. However, she did not allow her humble beginnings to define her or her future accomplishments.


Throughout her life Teonna has always been able to help people move past their insecurities and grasp their true life's calling.

As a former correctional officer within Miami Dade County Corrections, for 10 years, Teonna unknowingly was being groomed for her calling, long before she could give it a definition. While performing her work duties she always took the time to talk to the inmates as they transitioned through the system, sharing with them how one positive decision could change their lives. So when a family emergency called her away from her career in 2015, it was natural that she moved into her true calling as a Life Coach.  As such, in November of 2016 Teonna became a proud Graduate of the World Coaching Institute by obtaining her license and certification in all areas of human relationships


Teonna has since been featured as a guest speaker on the nationally broadcast radio shows and has been a keynote speaker at several other notable events where she speaks on her experiences as a Life Coach.


Overall, Teonna is truly an influential leader and a source of empowerment to everyone she encounters.

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